structure defined

The lead pastor has developed the structure of the church based on biblical requirements. Below are the definitions of terms used on the organizational structure.

  • executive leadership

    The church lead pastor will have complete oversight of the church. The lead pastor is responsible for appointing men as pastors, elders, and overseers, which will function as the executive leadership of the church.

  • campus pastor's team (pct)

    The lead pastor is responsible for appointing church members to the PCT. Members will help with communication, coordination, and collaboration with all aspects of church life to include: calendars, rooms, ministries, events, building use, etc.

  • preschool board

    Preschool board members are appointed by the lead pastor and provide oversight to the preschool ministries, and ensure the church and ministries work together. Areas of oversight include: staff hiring, firing, documents, payments, budgets, calendars, building use, curriculum, communication, etc.

  • finance teams

    The lead pastor is responsible for appointing church members to the campus finance teams. Members will provide oversight and direction regarding church finances by reviewing weekly financial reports, budgets, observing trends, and quarterly meet to discuss and make decisions regarding the financial health of the campus and preschool.

  • church coordinators

    Church members are encouraged to volunteer to serve as ministry and/or connect group coordinators for areas they feel called to serve.

  • church staff

    Church staff include, but is not limited to, the campus pastor, preschool directors, teachers and aides; office / media administrator and business administrator. Staff work closely with the lead pastor to assist with administration and communication.

  • members

    Members are individuals that are part of our church body that have made a commitment to: Christ, baptism, attend regularly, are involved in a ministry or connect group, and give regularly. 

  • volunteers

    All church attenders are encouraged to volunteer to help in ministries or events they feel called to serve. As individuals express an interest to serve in a particular ministry, they should be guided to the ministry coordinator for further discussion before an official sign-up is initiated.

    There are several opportunities throughout the year to serve, e.g., church workdays, outreach events (Old Town Festival, Trunk or Treat, movie night, Spring and Fall festivals and events, summer camps, potluck, VBS, etc.)

    Volunteers are required to have and maintain a clear background check when serving in the following areas: kid’s ministry and related events, youth ministry and related events, handling money, performing security duties, or access to church attender personal information are required to have and maintain a clear background check.