66 Books Of The Bible In 5 Years

Join us on Sundays as we go through all 66 books of the Bible in 5 years!

Join a Connect Group and dig deeper into the Sunday scripture!

Grow with us as we explore the Old & New Testaments books of the law, history, poetry, major & minor prophets, epistles, and the gospels. We have a new variety of each category of books each year!

Current Series: The Book of Judges

Everybody loves a hero that exhibits great bravery and strength; punishes the bad guys and saves the people. In our series in the book of Judges, we will see God used real life heroes like Sampson, Deborah and Gideon to bring deliverance to his people and justice to their oppressors. Join us and hear their stories which are still exciting and relevant today.

Coming Soon: The Book Of Matthew

Jesus taught us to pray, “Your Kingdom Come, your will be done.” Matthew’s account of Jesus is centered on the coming “kingdom” of heaven. Jesus teaches about the “Kingdom” in the Sermon on the Mount, through various parables and other powerful teaching illustrations. The “Kingdom” is most powerfully displayed as the King conquers death and rises again! In Matthew, we find that the only proper response to the message of the kingdom is repentance, faith, obedience and discipleship. How will you respond?