66 Books Of The Bible In 5 Years

Join us on Sundays as we go through all 66 books of the Bible in 5 years!

Join a Connect Group and dig deeper into the Sunday scripture!

Grow with us as we explore the Old & New Testaments books of the law, history, poetry, major & minor prophets, epistles, and the gospels. We have a new variety of each category of books each year!

Current Series: 

God Remembers - Book Of Esther

What if everything in our seemingly ordinary lives are leading toward an extraordinary display of God’s plan? You and I are not where we are by accident, luck, or coincidence. God has a plan, and we are in the middle of the action! The book of Esther gives hope and confidence to anyone who needs to know that God is present, powerful, and personal. He has strategically positioned each of us as part of His Kingdom to bring salvation to those around us. We hope you can join us!

Coming Soon Series:

Reclaim! - Book of Ezra

Our four-week series Reclaim addresses what God did for the Jewish people throughout the events recorded in the book of Ezra. Through failure, forgetting what is important, and sin, we too may become exiles attempting to return to God. However, just as in the book of Ezra God reclaimed his people according to his promises, he also reclaims and redeems our lives for his purpose in this world.