66 Books Of The Bible In 5 Years

Join us on Sundays as we go through all 66 books of the Bible in 5 years!

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Grow with us as we explore the Old & New Testaments books of the law, history, poetry, major & minor prophets, epistles, and the gospels. We have a new variety of each category of books each year!

Current Series: God's & Kings

1 & 2 Chronicles

God's kings: David, Solomon, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, and more.

Whether for a nation, a family or an individual, God's word gives us principles to live a life that honors Him, regardless of the external circumstances. Living God's way is the best way.

Coming Soon Series:

The Meaningless & Mundane Of Life


“My life has no meaning. My life is empty and disappointing.” These are the feelings of many of us today. As we try to fill our lives with possessions, power and pleasure we find that life has let us down. In the book of Ecclesiastes Solomon takes us on a mental journey through his life explaining how he tried and tested everything to find meaning and enjoyment in life. He tries to spare his readers the same disappointment he learned through personal experience. Everything apart from God is empty and meaningless. Solomon has an honest approach to life. His comments may come across as negative but his attempt is to lead people to center their lives around God. Not any substitutes. He affirms the value of education, pleasure, work and possessions, but only in their proper place. All of these things must be seen in the perspective of God’s purpose. True enjoyment of life is comes from knowing that what we are doing is part of God's purpose for our lives.