66 Books Of The Bible In 5 Years

Join us on Sundays as we go through all 66 books of the Bible in

5 years!

Join a Connect Group and dig deeper into the Sunday scripture!

Grow with us as we explore the Old & New Testaments books of the law, history, poetry, major & minor prophets, epistles, and the gospels. We have a new variety of each category of books each year!

Current Series: 

Return - The Minor Prophets

Return to me,” God says; Just as timely today as it was when written by the prophets. This series will examine the life and times of the 3 Old Testament Prophets. Each message will give an overview of the prophet and his writing. The prophets were truth tellers, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, to announce God’s Word for both past and current settings; as well as foretelling future events! God spoke through His prophets back then and He still speaks to us today: “Return.”    

Coming Soon Series: Kings & Covenants - The Book of 1 Samuel

Life is full of challenges and complications. What do we do when we face these overwhelming obstacles? 1 Samuel tells the stories of women and men who trusted in God and discovered that He is enough. Like them we can embrace the fact that God’s guidance and goodness can be trusted.